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LG Has No Definitive Plans for MeeGo Phones



While LG was the first to come out with a concept prototype smartphone to showcase Intel’s Moblin OS–an operating system that has since been folded, merged, and combined with Nokia’s Maemo OS to create the MeeGo OS–the company has yet to release and commercial hardware to support either Moblin or MeeGo. However, a recent article on Reuters gave hope to an LG-branded and commercialized smartphone running MeeGo: “This week LG Electronics joined a working group to develop a handset version of the software, joining companies like ZTE and¬†China Mobile.”

Unfortunately, though, while LG is working and collaborating with various partners around the MeeGo OS, it has no definitive plans for MeeGo-powered smartphones. The company says it is still committed to in-car infotainment systems.

At this point in time LG has no definitive plans to mass produce devices with MeeGo other than car infotainment systems.

The LG GW990, when it was announced over a year ago, featured some interesting hardware aspects. The device was shown with a 4.8-inch display with a 21:9 aspect ration. The display has a resolution of 1,2024 X 480, showing a very wide or long device, depending on how you hold it.

By comparison, the Dell Streak 5, which is considered a hybrid between a smartphone and tablet by many, runs the Android operating system on a 5-inch WVGA display.

Via: Reuters


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