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LG myTouch Leaks Out Again in New Official Image



You may recall, back during the middle of the month, T-Mobile posted a curious video depicting what appeared to be myTouch devices made by LG. The videos were quickly removed.

And now today, it would appear that one of those LG-made devices has again appeared in an official channel as TMoNews has caught it sitting right above the name ‘HTC Sensation 4G’ on T-Mobile’s website. Those of you familiar with the Sensation 4G should easily be able to tell that that phone right there is definitely not T-Mobile’s Sensation 4G.

What we think it is is a T-Mobile bound, LG-made myTouch device that still doesn’t have an official name, specs or a release date.

That’s right. It has leaked out not once, but twice in an official capacity but it’s still a mystery.

LG myTouch

However, now that it has appeared very blatantly out in the open, again, we assume that an announcement isn’t too far off in the distance.

Anyone interested in an LG-made myTouch device?

1 Comment

1 Comment

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