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LG Optimus M is MetroPCS’s First Android Smartphone Sans Contract



Regional carrier MetroPCS is now offering a variant of LG’s Optimus Android smartphone called the Optimus M, which will retail for $229 with a $50 service plan that will bundle unlimited talk, text, and web. The Optimus variant runs Android 2.2, which is Google’s most current operating system, and is a budget-oriented phone with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera, and access to Android Market for apps. Despite having a 600 MHz processor, LG’s Optimus Android phones offer a very responsive experience that’s snappy and fast, rivaling higher-end phones with a faster CPU.

While varients of the Optimus phone have appeared on other carriers, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, MetroPCS will be offering the Optimus M to users without having to sign a two-year contract. Because of this, the phone does command a higher retail price as it isn’t subsidized.


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