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LG Preparing LG G Arch and G Health Smartwatches to Take On The Galaxy Gear



The smartwatch market could get a bit more exciting in the New Year. After letting Samsung and Sony lead the charge in Android powered wearables, rumors indicate that the LG is preparing to enter the market with two branded smartwatches of its own.

Identified as the LG G Watch and LG G Arch in a new report from Duam, allegedly, the devices are headed to the United States after a debut at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The report cites patent filings with the Korean Intellectual Property Office in July. That patent filing also included preemptive protection for other brands including the G Glass, Glass G, G Watch, Watch G, G Band.

Allegedly, one or more of these devices will feature what the report says will allow it to monitor “the momentum and the prospect equipped health” of its wearer. Simply put, the report indicates that the watch will have lifestyle features that allow it to monitor the user’s health.

Sony's SmartWatch2 is already available to users.

Sony’s SmartWatch2 is already available to users.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t go into specifics about the devices other features. As such, we don’t yet know if the LG G Arch and LG G Health will have any distinctive features besides health monitoring. At this point, pricing is unclear too. However, it is clear that LG should be working very hard if it hopes to meet this rumored Mobile World Congress launch date.

Sony’s SmartWatch2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear are already battling for early smartwatch users and it’s likely that even more wearble devices will make their way to the market in the next year. Electronics makers are hoping to establish a foothold in the wearable computing space before Apple’s much-rumored iWatch makes its debut.

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Still, that doesn’t mean that LG should rush these products. The SmartWatch2 and Galaxy Gear have both received negative reviews because they lack a standard set of practical features that users would need in the real world.

Mobile World Congress is scheduled to kick off in Barcelona, Span on February 24th. The show will last until February 27th.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Drake

    12/27/2013 at 7:59 pm

    No surprise that LG is adding to the smartwatch market as just about every tech company is reported to be working on some version of a smartwatch

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