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LG Reportedly Building Smartwatch to Compete with iWatch, Samsung



Following a report from The Korea Times LG joins the long list of mobile companies that are reportedly working on their own smartwatches.

According to the paper LG is working on a smartwatch as well as a Google Glass competitor. Both devices are part of a long-time strategy to remain competitive. Presumably the devices will help LG compete against Apple, Samsung and Google, which are all reportedly working on smartwatches.

Neither LG device is ready to ship any time soon, as The Korea Times claims they are both “non-commercialized” projects. For now they are both just research and development products for LG, though they may come to market eventually.lg-logo_1

Like Samsung, LG is no stranger to smartwatches. As TechCrunch notes, LG showed off a touchscreen watch with 3G capabilities back at CES 2009. That device was a feature phone built into a watch, however, and not the smartwatch as it’s known today.

The watch LG showed off four years ago could place calls, play music, send text messages and not much else. Most modern smartwatches connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth to show notifications, messages, emails or control some parts of the phone.

There are currently only a few smartwatches on the market including the Pebble and MetaWatch. Those watches both use e-paper displays with buttons on either side of the display to interact with the phone.

Sony also has its own smartwatch that can perform many of the same functions with a color touchscreen.

There are rumors that at least a few companies will release their smartwatches sometime this year. Apple, for example may release its smartwatch this year, potentially pushing the release of the mythical Apple HDTV back to 2014. Samsung and Google may also choose to release their smartwatches this year, though it’s not clear when they might do so.

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