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LG Revolution Poised to Beat Droid Charge to Gingerbread



Good news for all six (a joke) of you LG Revolution owners out there on Verizon. Big Red has released a change log for the 4G LTE device’s Gingerbread update which means that the update’s roll out is imminent. It’s possible that it could roll out later today but just know this. It’s close and you’ll be seeing Android 2.3 before the Samsung Droid Charge and just a short time after the HTC ThunderBolt got its update.

Not bad for a budget 4G LTE smartphone. Let’s just hope that LG and Verizon didn’t completely bungle the software.

Update: The update should be rolling out.

This is what the update has on board, Revolution owners:

LG Revolution


The update is going to be 87.8MB in size which is rather small for a major Android update but that doesn’t mean it won’t be bringing some great fixes and additions along with it.

Still no word on when the Droid Charge will be getting its update. Hopefully Samsung says something soon as waiting in silence in regards to Android updates is a painful experience.

Wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Brandon Hattery

    10/28/2011 at 5:50 pm

    I fucking hate samsung already. I have a problem laden charge with no issues being addressed at this point. Second samsung phone I’ve owned that will be the last to update. Let me put this simple… I’m on my 4th charge, 5th sim card and still own a network dropping piece of shit. I will never in my life own another samsung phone. I will urge others to row the same boat as well. Even if its the galaxy nexus. And yes… I run one of the biggest cell sellers in the world. Just trust me.

    • Will

      10/29/2011 at 1:11 pm

      Yes there is absolutely no support from Samsung for this phone.  The network dropping bug is the biggest of several issues that have existed since day one of this phone.  Many months now and not a word from Samsung or Verizon on the problems.

  2. JRLittlejohn

    11/01/2011 at 5:35 pm

    I agree with the posts regarding the Samsung Charge.  This phone is one big piece of shit.  I let the Verizon rep sway me to the Charge when I had decided on the Thunderbolt.  I am fed up with the silence from both Verizon and Samsung regarding the Gingerbread update.  This pile of shit phone is pretty to look at but sucks to no end as compared to the competition.  The LG 4G LTE phone is getting the Gingerbread update before the Charge- this is embarrasing.  I am totally frustrated as my venting is just that- still no response from Verizon and Samsung.  Hey Verizon.  If you are listening, support those vendors who give a shit about your customers.  Drop Samsung from your lineup!

  3. Jim Watkins

    11/02/2011 at 4:19 pm

    Definitely have to agree with people on the Droid Charge and Samsung’s complete lack of loyalty towards it’s customers.   Sure the hardware may not be completely adequate for ICS, but it can easily should be able to handle GB.    And of course I would totally do without GB if the phone would stop having tons of lockups, spontaneous reboots, and support for the forward facing camera in the apps.   

    SAMSUNG… wake up and smell the kimchi.   You should be seeing the tide of bad customer karma building…do something about it.   If you are going to drop support for the phone six months out of the starting gate…at least work something out with big red to get an upgrade to a phone that you will support.   Or perhaps a heavy dose of honesty might do the trick?   We would rather know early that you suck as opposed to late.

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