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Liberate and Get Full Windows Mobile on the HTC Shift



If you’re interested in the HTC Shift you might want to take a look at this. As most know, The HTC Shift comes with SnapVue, a limited version of Windows Mobile that allows you to access some functionality via that platform. Well, if you’d like to ‘liberate’ your Shift from the SnapVue shackles, you might want to check out MoDaCo, and see how Paul O’Brien has put together SHIFTpacks that can restore Windows Mobile functionality to the device. There’s a tutorial video available for those who want to give it a try.

UPDATE: We are checking with some Microsoft folks to see if this hack potentially violates licensing agreements by enabling full Windows Mobile on a device that may not have been licensed for it. HTC might have licensed full Windows Mobile, but only chosen to enable the limited version of it. Until we get clarification, we’ll leave the link and post as is.

Via Colin Walker

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