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Life With Ink – Tell Your Story!



Last week I posted about a new feature series we are beginning on, called Life With Ink. The purpose of this series is to hear from you, the reader, on how the use of Tablet PCs, Tablet PC software, UMPCs, accessories, etc has impacted your business or life. Have you started using software in a new way that others would love to hear about?  How is life different now that you use a Tablet PC? Tell us your Day In The Life story. How do you integrate your Tablet PC with other technology in your home or business? You get the idea. Fresh, unique stories from the folks that matter – you!

Send us your story ( 750 – 1,000 words),  with at least one picture, to [email protected] . We’ll review it and then contact you if we decide to publish it. Sorry, no guarantees. If we publish your story, we will send you an or gift certificate worth $50.00.

So…start the brainstorming and get to Inking!

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