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Next week, we will be launching a new feature series called ““Life With Ink”. We will be featuring stories about real world use of tablet pcs, umpcs, how people really use tablet pc software, the impact the technology and software has had on your business and life, struggles you’ve had, expectation adjustments, etc.

The key to this features series will be you, the reader. See, these stories are going to come from you and they are going to be about you. We want you to tell us your story.

For example, we want to hear about how you utilize OneNote in a busines setting, how the use of forms software has impacted your bottomline, how the implementation of Tablet PCs changed your business or how it didn’t impact it at all, what the impact has been on your productivity, integration successes, a Day in the Life of your work, etc. We want pictures of you with your tablet, pictures of you and your associates with their tablet pcs, pictures of you at home using some software, videos, etc. You get the idea. Rich, real world stories of Life With Ink.

Be thinking about how you can contribute to this series, and we will let you know next week what we are going to do for you if you send us your story and we publish it. Our goal will be to publish a Real World story once a week, but that will all depend upon you sending them in.

Stay tuned for more details

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