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LifeProof fre Power: Waterproof iPhone 6 Battery Case



The new LifeProof fre Power is a waterproof iPhone 6 battery case that delivers protection from water, drops and other shock as well as delivering added power in a small package.

Building on the popularity of the fre and nuud waterproof and shock ready iPhone and Android cases, LifeProof is adding in a battery so that you can keep using your iPhone 6 while you are on the go, even you outlast the built-in battery.

The LifeProof fre Power is waterproof up to 6.6 feet for one hour, drop proof from up to 6.6 feet and enclosed to protect the iPhone from dirt, dust and moisture. The case also works with Touch ID. There is a built-in screen protector to help keep the screen free of dirt and scratches.

The LifeProof fre Power is a waterproof iPhone 6 battery case.

The LifeProof fre Power is a waterproof iPhone 6 battery case.

Inside the LifeProof fre Power iPhone 6 case is a 2,600mAh battery that LifeProof says will double the iPhone 6 battery life thanks to smart charging tech that turns off the battery when your iPhone is fully charged.

With a waterproof design, you would expect the LifeProof fre Power case to add a lot of bulk to the iPhone 6, but it is a relatively thin design, close in size to other iPhone 6 battery cases like the Mophie iPhone 6 case and other LifeProof fre cases.

This is in addition to the LifeProof iPhone 6 cases including the fre and the nuud. The LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case is $79.99 and the LifeProof nuud for iPhone 6 is on the way. There is also a LifeProof nuud for iPhone 6 Plus in the works.

The LifeProof fre Power iPhone 6 case release arrives in Q2 2015 and the price is $129.

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