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Lifestyle PC research and what they should be like



Arnie Lund is talking about the new Lifestyle PCs at the Microsoft Mobility Brief. The following are some of my notes from the brief

His major talking points – a must-read to understand where Microsoft and the OEMs want to go with these ultra mobile / lifestyle device. These points paint a really good picture .

  • Definition of lifestyle
    • About individualism
    • A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group – The American Heritage Dictionary
    • Lifestyle design – the design of the shell, the scenarios supported, and the industrial design work together and are optimized for a particular lifestyle
    • Build a platform that addresses many different lifestyles
  • Design Trends
    • Personal, mobile, organized, connected, powerful, expressive, efficient, collaborative, entertaining – all wrapped around the heart.
    • Lifestyle PCs and devices-
      • People who use tablets talk about the personal nature, interactive aspect
      • PDA’s speak to it as well
      • Entertainment companion – iPod, PSP, portable DVD player
      • Shouldn’t need a help button
      • Cell phones – want to be connected all day, fashionable element

  • Making an Iconic Design
    • iPod – immediately draws a mental image
    • Razr — people know what it is
    • this lifestyle pc needs to have that iconic design

  • Making the connection
    • Intersection of self expression and intimacy,
    • User Values
      • Ages – 16 – 25 – Social, unique, whimsical /playful, environmentally conscious, globally influenced
      • Products – diverse colors, personal experimentation
      • Where is mobility happening?

  • Research Plans
    • Form factors are critical to Lifestyle mobile PCs
      • Fit to user
        • 1 to 2 hand use
        • Physical size
      • Fit to activity
        • Focus on usability
      • Fit to heart
        • Focus on desirability – want to carry it with you everywhere
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