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Lifestyle PCs – Making Windows personal



Ken Hardy is talking more about the Lifestyle PC at the Mobile Division Partners Brief on making Windows Personal. Here are my notes from his talk:

Lifestyle devices

  • Small Enough to go anywhere
  • Simple enough to be used naturally
  • Fashionable enough to be carried
  • Devices stop becoming bits and hardware, they are about the music collection, the pictures
  • Often times, converging devices is difficult – example – ROKR, adding calendar items to iPod, etc
  • Ultra mobile PCs are becoming a reality, however:
    • Windows is hard to use on the go
    • Not optimized for a small screen experience
    • Personal information is buried
    • Not aware of the user and their environmen
    • Windows and windows apps needs to be more personal

  • Simplicity
    • Never more than a couple of clicks from primary action
    • Users can purchase a device that matches their taste, represent personal experience, used casually without looking
  • Simplified convergence
    • Custom UI that offers 2 – 3 scenarios
    • Scenarios are tightly integrated
    • Hardware supports scenario and style
  • Simply personal
    • Luxurious screen sizes deliver strong focus, full screen media, rich presentation, minimize menus (transparent)
    • Flexible devices allow for natural interaction
      • Reach out and touch the screen
      • Write with a pen
  • Making Windows about people, places, and things
    • How many clicks does it take to get to what you care about
    • Highly Personalized desktops, large buttons for touch (audio books, movies, music, photos, TV) – great screen shots (I’ll post the Powerpoint screenshot when available)
    • Devices that have a flowing theme – Eddie Bauer type of device for outdoors people, etc.
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