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Limited Edition Toyota Avalon to Be Lumia- and Nexus 4-Friendly With Wireless Charging



The 2013 limited edition Toyota Avalon will offer forward-thinking technophile something to think about if they choose the optional Technology Package in the form of the Qi-standard wireless charging. Rather than after-market charging plates or using the standard 12V cigarette lighter to charge your phone, Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia owners and Google’s LG Nexus 4 Android users will be happy to know that the tech upgrade will provide users with a Qi-powered lid on the center console for you to rest your Qi-enabled phones on, according to Engadget

The Avalon’s wireless charging pad is integrated into the ebin® lid situated in vehicle’s center console. The system can be enabled by a switch beneath the lid, and charging is as simple as placing the phone upon the lid’s high-friction surface.

Though the Nexus 4 and the Windows Phone 8 Lumia series in the U.S. both natively support Qi wireless charging, other devices could still enable wireless charging via a third-party case or rear battery cover. This does add some bulk to the device, but offers the convenience of not having to plug the phone to charge if you rest it on the wireless charging surface, as the Toyota image shows with the iPhone encased in a compatible charging case.


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Still, if you opt for the Technology Package, likely you should opt for in-dash GPS on your car as lifting the phone up to control it or use for GPS–as in place it on a car mount of any kind–would negate your ability to wirelessly charge as the phone must rest on the wireless charging center console lid.

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