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Linking to paragraphs and individual pages from MindManager to OneNote



I think this is safe to post about since Chris Pratley posted a comment on my blog on how to link to an individual paragraph or page within a onenote section from MindManager. I tried out his tip last night and I had a lot of trouble getting to work, until I started investigating MindManager a bit further and found the arguments option. I’ve outlined the correct process to make page and paragraph linking work. What Chris has pointed out has made my decision to switch completely to OneNote 12 even more exciting.

1. Within OneNote 12, find the page or paragraph that you would like to link to. If it is a paragraph, then right click the paragraph handle and choose Copy Hyperlink. If it is a page, just right click the page and choose Copy Hyperlink.

2. Go to MindManager and click on the topic you wish to create the hyperlink for. Then click the hyperlink button.

3. In the Hyperlink screen, navigate to the section that contains the page or paragraph you want to link to. Do not paste the hyperlink that was copied in OneNote in to this field. MindManager won’t accept it.

4. Then click on Options and go to the Arguments field. Paste the hyperlink that was created in that field. Then go to the beginning of the field (ctl home) and remove everything up until the # after the section name. For example, my hyperlink looks like: (the bold part contains the text that you will remove, the italicized part contains the part you will keep.

onenote://C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/rob/My%20Documents/OneNote%20Business/Business/DC/ §ion-id={7B6AF8A8-5048-4F23-8B36-2FEC4E353F28}&page-id={C40EF86C-19CC-437E-A072-EA3FCA1B1C39}&object-id={569D97CB-BC67-0CE4-13C7-1D5536C0BB80}&17

The part you keep serves as the command line arguments that get passed in to the section that you linked to step 3.

If you are only hyperlinking to a section, you don’t need to mess with the argument stuff.

Now you can create a hyperlink from MindManager to a section, page, or a paragraph within OneNote 12. If you are beta testing OneNote 12, give it try.

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