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Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge Simple and Solid



A wireless bridge or media connector, like the Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge, connects set-top boxes and gaming systems to a wireless network… even if the boxes don’t come with built-in Wi-Fi. Plug the Ethernet cable into the media or gaming box, and the Linksys and the device will show on the network.

A wired network normally handles gaming and video better than a wireless network. However, many people can’t, or won’t, run wires through their house for practical or aesthetic reasons. The Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge comes with four Gigabit ethernet ports on the back to connect non-wireless devices to a Wi-Fi network using 802.11ac protocols. Hook up a set-top box like a Satellite receiver, Blu-ray or DVD player or older Internet video streaming devices.

The Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge comes with WPS, a wireless networking protocol that automatically connects two wireless networking devices with a push of a button. Newer Linksys routers come with WPS. The Lynksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge linked up perfectly with a Linksys EA3500 router. Linksys ships it with their Linksys EA6500 as a bundle, but we can’t recommend that router due to instability and inconsistent performance.

wumc710 side

There’s a manual setup page accessed via an IP address typed into a browser that sets things up if a user’s wireless router doesn’t support WPS. The PDF user’s manual can explain manual setup to help users decide if they can handle the steps.

The Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge provided a solid Internet connection thanks to the MIMO antennas. It streamed a movie from HBO Go on an iPhone, connected to the EA3500 router to an Apple TV hooked up to the WUMC710 media connector. The Apple TV sits in a room far from the router and it connected to the network flawlessly. The wireless signal travels through five thick angled walls, which strains a Wi-Fi more than straight walls. Normally this setup drops signals between the Apple TV and an iPad, or iPhone, connected to the wireless router. Now the WUMC710 keeps a solid connection between the Linksys EA3500 router and the Apple TV. Clearly the Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge broadcasts a more powerful signal than the Apple TV.


For those who don’t use a Linksys router, setup might not run as smoothly as it did for us. If a router offers WPS setup, then the WUMC710 should connect well despite the different brands of equipment. Users who can’t use WPS can connect the Linksys to a computer via Ethernet and set things up manually.

diagram for media connector

The Linksys WUMC710 Wireless-AC Media Connector Bridge makes it a snap to add wireless to set-top boxes, gaming systems or any device with low quality or nonexistent wireless capability. The WUMC710’s easy setup and strong wireless performance make it a great product, which we recommend without reservation. Get one at Amazon for about $105 or directly from Linksys for $129.99. That’s $20 off retail. Linksys also bundles the WUMC710 with an EA6500 router for $329.98, cutting $40 off retail or $20 off current prices.

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