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Linux Fight: Thoughtfix Compares Eee PC, Nokia N810



thoughtfix-N810vsEee8 At first blush, it may not seem like the clamshell style, 7" screen ASUS Eee PC and the slate/slider, 4.1" screen Nokia N810 are really competitive products. However, Thoughtfix is able to provide a pretty compelling comparison between the products and how they are really relate. Obviously both run Linux variants, which is currently a pretty strong differentiator – for good for for bad, depending on your viewpoint. I happen to be somewhat of a Linux weenie from days past, so this would be a fun way to dabble a toe back in that pool. Both are extremely portable, but the ASUS Eee still requires a bag. Not a biggie for me since I always have a bag with me anyway, but for some (particularly men) this could be a major factor.

You’ll have to read the wrapup to find out which device Thoughtfix prefers and why, but I think that one quote will give you an idea of how they compare.

If we were to call the Asus Eee the "Toyota Yaris of Laptops, " we’d have to call the N810 the "Rolls Royce of Pocket Devices."

So, what do you really want out of your portable device? You can have what you want, just choose intelligently. Thoughtfix also provides a nice Buyer’s Guide.

For me, I’ve always been a Rolls Royce girl. ;-)

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