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Linux On My X60 Tablet PC and The Community



kubuntu So earlier this week I decided to put Linux on my Lenovo x60 Tablet PC.  (Speaking of Linux – this is some great news) It’s been really fun so far, and I am surprised that the only thing that wasn’t working (that I found so far) was the resolution of the screen.  It took me a few to get that working, installing a new driver, but after that things are working good – wireless, BT, USB and even the PEN was able to be used (guessing that is more of a WACOM thing).  I really haven’t had that much time with it this week, but I plan on spending more this weekend playing around.  So far, I have been chatting via IM, looking at feeds, surfing the net – even met up with GBM forum members KOL0, LOGiX and schmolch on an IRC Chat for a while – what great support.  It’s nice to have some people that are willing to give a hand for a Linux noob like myself!!  Thanks!

I’ll report back more after the weekend and see if I can get a better feel of things after spending more time with it.  So far, I can say that I am really impressed!!  Any cool programs (packages?? trying to get the lingo right) I should check out??

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