Liquid Image EGO LS Action Cam Gets Verizon 4G LTE
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Liquid Image EGO LS Action Cam Gets Verizon 4G LTE



When it comes to finding a quality action camera capable of recording in HD video there are multiple options available, but finding one that can live stream your video at the same time is a bit challenging. However, just like last year at CES 2014, today Liquid Image is showing off the soon to be released EGO LS 800 HD camera with Verizon 4G LTE support.

This same camera was making the rounds last year, but due to some technical difficulties and a slight redesign it was never released. Now though, in 2015, Liquid Image is back and the EGO LS livestreaming action camera has support from one of the biggest wireless carriers in the United States.

Today we were able to spend a few minutes talking with Liquid Image about their wearable action cam aimed at taking on the likes of the GoPro, only at a different angle, and everything their new EGO LS camera has to offer.

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The updated Liquid Image EGO LS camera for 2015 continues right where the company left off in 2014, delivering all the same key features. Those being a small HD wearable action camera with 4G LTE support, and capable of streaming live video being recorded in either 1080p video at 30 FPS or 720p video at 60 FPS.

Last year the device was being shown off with support for live streaming video via 4G LTE, but no carrier was on board. However, in 2015 the company has secured Verizon Wireless and a $199 “Verizon 4G LTE Sled” add-on to the $199 camera, making this entire package ring in at $400.

The camera itself will run users $199 and comes with a host of attachments to make it a wearable HD action camera. Things like a waterproof case, and other upgrades have improved the offering over last year. Metadata information, GSP data, and variety of Bluetooth-enabled peripherals will be able to connect to the camera and be shared to nearby devices during video playback.

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Of course the Liquid Image EGO LS has a small target audience, those wanting a GoPro like wearable camera that can simultaneously live stream video as it’s being recorded, but having the biggest carrier on board means it’ll likely have plenty of support and fast speeds for smooth video playback.

The $199 price only gets the Verizon 4G LTE “sled” meaning that a data plan from Verizon will also be required for buyers, making this an expensive toy. According to Liquid Image 1GB of data will be drained after roughly four hours or live video recording and streaming, but that’s the 720p setting, not 1080p live video.

Overall the newly redesigned Liquid Image EGO LS action camera has a decent set of options along with one of the biggest and fastest 4G LTE carriers in the United States on board, and unlike last year, the company expects the device to debut in the first quarter of 2015. We’ll update once it becomes available.

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