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Liquid Through the Nose Explosion: Shwamee to the Rescue



shwamee_thumb We’ve all been there. You’ve just taken a drink of some beverage when someone or something hits you with something so funny that your nose becomes a fire hose spraying everything in sight. Late yesterday after rehearsal, we were in the office finishing up the program/playbill so that we could get it off to the printer. We sell a lot of advertising for our playbill and of course that means we are always waiting for our advertisers to get the copy in at the last minute. Turns out quite a few ads were dropped off while we were in rehearsal. Usually the process involves us retouching and rearranging things to fit the layout and make the ads look good.

I was at my desk, doing some last minute corrections, and scanning in some images to the iMac. I’d do some retouching, then I would make them available to the staffer who was doing the program layout. On my desk, I had three screens going at the time: the iMac, a second monitor attached to it running Vista using VMWare Fusion, and the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC. I was literally working on a variety of things at once as we were all cranking to get this work done and go home for some rest after a long week.

It was also a hot day and very humid day and I had been consuming vast amounts of fluids to keep me going. I had just taken a large gulp of some green tea when one of my fellow workers let loose with a wisecrack, and I think you know where this is going.

Green tea came shooting out of my nose and mouth in an explosion of immense proportions spraying all three screens and raining a cloud of green tea droplets over everything on my desk. Try as I might I just couldn’t turn my head in time. After the moment settled I realized that everything was quickly turning into a sticky mess.

Not to worry. I pulled out my trusty Shwamee Microfiber cloth, grabbed a glass of water and proceeded to clean everything up. It only took a few minutes and things were back to a "pre-liquid from the nose explosion" state, without a streak or smear to be found, including the wedding picture of me and my lovely wife. I’ve recommended the Shwamee Microfiber cloths before (check out this InkShow) and I’ll do it again. They’ll clean up even the stickiest messes. Thanks Shwamee.


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