Liquipel: Water Proof Coating for the iPhone

OK, is there some sort of water filled apocalypse coming our way in the near future that will drown us and our mobile gadgets that we haven’t been told about? Or are the dangers inherent in Stall Surfing finally becoming a marketing concept that we companies can rely on?

I’m not sure, but it sure looks like some bright folks out there want our gadgets to be protected from water damage in any case. Yesterday I blogged about this water proof Tablet from Fujitsu. Adam blogged about one from Toshiba as well.

What we see here is called Liquipel. No, this isn’t a case. Liquipel is a patent pending process that is designed to coat iPhones and other gadgets in a waterproof “nano” coating that works both outside and inside the device to keep it safe from moisture.

Apparently the process doesn’t harm anything and you’re not really supposed to be able to tell that your device has been coated. Apparently water still runs through your device but the coating protects everything from damage.

You have to send your device in to be coated at a cost of $59.