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litl Webbook Unboxed, Still Not Worth $699



In this video a litl employee unboxes its webbook, which is now selling for $699. The webbook doesn’t do much besides connect to the Internet and its pricing is clearly out of whack with the netbook market.

On the exterior of the litl webbook’s box is some text that reads

“Inside you will find an internet computer, not a laptop. We believe computers have become too complex. We hit the reset button by desiging an experience different than a PC. Simplicity over features. Design over options. Entertainment not just work. Sounds like a lot, but actually it’s a litl.

litl webbook unboxing from litl on Vimeo.

As Brad Linder from points out, the litl employee quickly refers to the device as a laptop in the video.

I think consumers have spoken with their wallets, opting for netbooks that are a lot more like laptops than the litl webbook.

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