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Live Blogging CES 2008 Keynote



Watch this article for our live blogging of Bill Gates keynote from the Bloghaus

  • Just starting….
  • boring CEA CEO intro
  • Bill Gates into’d, video intro
  • Can’t hear him… all better now
  • Digital decade…history overview of their tech, handhelds, auto pcs…all showing their leadership
  • His last keynote…middle of July moving to foundation
  • Funny video montage of Bill and his friends looking at Bill’s last day at MSFT. Showing him working out embracing life in a new way. singing..rapping…auditioning…trying for a veep spot…hilarious.
  • back to Bill…
  • Next Digital decade about connecting people…run on the cloud, tv, car, pc, etc
  • three elements of connecting
    • projection displays, avideo  and quality of rendering
    • devices will be connected to offer it up, services, organizing memories across devices
    • Power of the user interface…touch on windows pc’, the iPhone, etc. Pen and ink, tablet pc, come together to offer the complete experience.
  • Vista 100 million users
  • New form factor devices like ultra mobiles
  • Windows mobile
  • Windows Live- tour of Live. Mika Kramer ( I did a podcast with her )
    • giving a tour of Windows Live Hotmail
    • Photo Gallery
    • Live Spaces
  • so far just an overview of what they are currently doing
  • demoing  Surface
    • a touch application called freeride on Surface
  • talking about Silverlight
  • Olympics broadband MSFT technology partner with NBC
  • Robbie Bach on stage…VP of Entertainment and Media
    • Xbox 17.7 million consoles sold
    • Xbox live trmendous growth
    • abc and disney bring shows via xbox Live
    • Media Center extender – Samsung introducing new extender
    • Mediaroom  , dvr anywhere
    • BT  telecom set top box fox xbox for ip tv
    • Zune – want to build the next social experience
    • Zune social tour, see what your friends are currently doing with music, their favorites, and buying music based on what your friends are doing… the full circle
    • car demo with Sync ( Ford
    • Zune syncs to the car..Windows mobile data synced to car
    • System upgrade to Sync..911 auto call when airbag deploys…update to Sync
    • Windows Mobile 20 Million phones..outsells iPhone, Blackberry
    • TellMe Demo ( voiced based search and purchasing over Windows Mobile) – Searching Movies because they spoke it, searching based on GPS. Pretty cool… she bought tickets for a friend and had it sent to her friends phone automagically
    • Best positioned to deliver connected entertainment
  • Bill demoing Guitar Hero…rocking out
  • Over….nothing new really…glad I stayed at the Bloghaus

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