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Live Mesh Gets Some Bugs Fixed



In an e-mail last night there was a notification that Live Mesh had been updated to take care of some bug fixes.  Here at GBM, we have been using Live Mesh for some of the things we do for the site.  Transferring files to each other has become easier, plus having everything in a central file location accessible from a web browser is great!  One thing I have been waiting for is the ability to drag and drop files…  I try it every time (because I forget you can’t do it) and I always get an error saying it can’t be done… Once that is enabled, it will be much more user friendly for me!

Check out the fixes to Live Mesh below:

Live Mesh is now available in all English-speaking countries (not just the U.S.)

Removed the User Account Control (UAC) requirement when installing and using Live Mesh with Windows Vista SP1

Index for Desktop Search now works with Live Mesh folders

Fixed bug where an underscore in a Hotmail account name returned an “Invalid Hotmail Address” error

Fixed bug with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 failing to load in Silverlight Media View

Fixed bug where the notifier tooltip incorrectly indicated that Live Mesh Remote Desktop was unavailable for a computer running in non-admin mode

Fixed bug where the Live Mesh folder icon was not displayed in the e-mail inviting someone to share a folder

Fixed one of the bugs that caused Live Mesh to fail to start

Fixed problem with Live Mesh returning errors when waking from sleep/hibernate


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