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Live Webcast from ZDNet: Enhancing Business Mobility with Pen Computing



Mark your calendars now for the 17th of March for this event from ZDNet.  Should be an interesting converstation.  Included in the conversation is Paul Moore, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems.

The primary limitations of early pen computing devices, which were the hurdles to early mainstream adoption, were the power limitations of the devices, no stable OS environment for application development, and the lack of a keyboard for traditional input.

Now, with the availability of Windows XP Tablet PC edition and Vista, which are both Pen-enabled operating systems, the flexibility afforded by dual function convertible notebooks and a host of 3rd party applications, Pen Computing has expanded into areas like healthcare, insurance, education, retail, and sales force automation. What used to be strictly vertical has now caught on as a preferred alternative to standard notebooks. Is now the right time for you to consider pen computing?

I’ll be on there, it will be an hour worth listening to for sure!!

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