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Logitech G-Series iPhone 5s Gamepad Leaks Out



We knew Apple-approved gamepads for the iPhone would come at some point, and now we’re seeing them in the flesh, thanked to some leaked press shots. Outed by evleaks, we’re looking at Logitech’s G-Series gamepad for the iPhone 5/5s for the first time, essentially consisting of a bar-shaped piece of plastic and rubber where your iPhone sits in the middle. It looks similar to a leak that we saw back in June, of what we can assume was an early prototype of Logitech’s gamepad.

The button layout looks pretty identical to most controllers that you’re familiar with; It’s got the ABXY diamond button layout the right and a D-pad on the left. There also what appears to be another button below the ABXY setup, which shows a Pause symbol — we’re unsure what that specific does. Other than that gamepad also looks to have shoulder buttons up top.

The gamepad conveniently comes with two speaker holes that route the sound coming out of the iPhone and aim straight at you. This is necessary since your iPhone has to be cradled inside of the gamepad, where the speakers would be covered up otherwise.


The back of the gamepad has an opening for the camera and LED flash, which means you’ll be able to take photos without removing the gamepad.

Apple announced gamepad support back in June when the company unveiled iOS 7 during WWDC. However, they have since to demo how the support works, probably because Apple-approved gamepads don’t even exist yet. So far, the only game to support iPhone gamepads is AVP: Evolution, but Crytek demoed a game during a WWDC session using an iPhone gamepad, so it’s possible we may see a game from them sooner or later.

We’re not sure when we’ll start seeing official iPhone gamepads make their way into the market, but it shouldn’t be too long from now, but Logitech’s could be the first one out of the gate. It’s not known what other companies will be making gamepads for the iPhone, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw many of the big accessory makers come out with their own versions.

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