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Logitec’s New Router Design Will Not Solve Global Warming



Routers are those necessary things that we all have to have to enjoy WiFi in some form or fashion. If you’re like me these are the kinds of necessary gadgets that you spend time on researching, by the best you can afford, and then forget about them until they cause trouble or die or you just feel the itch to upgrade.

That doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t keep advancing though. This new Logitec design caught my eye, not for what the router does but because of the propeller-like three antennas. The LAN-WH450N/GR offers four 100GB ethernet ports and its usual alphabet 802.11 WiFi can theoretically pull down 450Mbps.  It’s going on sale in Japan in April for around $230 US.

Maybe if we can get enough of these to actually rotate the antennas we could, no…. never mind.

Note: Don’t confuse Logitec with Logitech the way Google does.

Via Engadget

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