LogMeIn Comes to the iPhone

logmeiiniphone We’ve known that LogMeIn has been coming to the iPhone for some time and now it is available. If you use LogMeIn and an iPhone this looks like it would be a good fit for you. The entry price for LogMeIn Ignition is a bit steep at $29.99 for the app (at least to give it a try out.) You’ll also have to create a LogMeIn account and there are premium paid options and a free option. Once you’re set up you can access your desktop computer from you iPhone.

Of course LogMeIn works with other mobile devices as well. I know several folks who swear by this remote access application, but my workflow doesn’t have a major need for it at present. I’d love to hear from some GBM uses who work with LogMeIn or other remote access apps on their experiences.