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Look Out Outlook IMAP Gmail is Coming!!



image Gmail is really shaking things up now!  Seems that a select few are getting a nice surprise in their Gmail settings…  IMAP!!  If you don’t know what IMAP support is, then check out the FAQ listed on Google’s Page, but here is the most important part.

Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between your web Gmail and your email client(s). This means when you log in to Gmail using a web browser, actions you perform on email clients and mobile devices (ex: putting mail in a ’work’ folder) will instantly and automatically appear in Gmail (ex: it will already have a ’work’ label on that email).

In addition, IMAP provides a better method to access your mail from multiple devices. If you check your email at work, on your mobile phone, and again at home, IMAP ensures that new mail is accessible from any device at any given time.

No access to it yet in my account :( but hopefully soon it’ll show up.  When I get it, this means that I can set up Outlook on my Tablet PC to read Gmail thru IMAP, set up my new 8925 Tilt to read IMAP and I never have to read the same message twice!  That will be nice.  Wonder if all this means that Rob might switch back to Gmail??  Maybe not since it’s just mail syncing…

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