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Looking for the iPad 3? Meet the new iPad



You may have heard about the iPad 3 over the past few months, a new iPad with a Retina Display, 4G LTE and much more.

Today Apple announced the new iPad, which is essentially the iPad 3, or at least that’s what many users will call it.

So, here’s the cheat sheet.

The iPad 3 is the new iPad

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New iPad is the iPad 3

The New iPad is the iPad 3

The new iPad name marks a shift in the Apple naming scheme, bringing the iPad in line with the Mac and iPod lines. Instead of numbering the iPad, Apple is going with a simplified name.

The new iPad will be available to purchase in store on March 16th, with pre-orders starting today.

The new iPad starts at $499, and goes up to $829 for the 64GB 4G LTE model.

One possible reason that Apple is going with the new naming scheme is to avoid confusion based on the Retina Display and the 4G LTE connectivity. An iPad 3, wouldn’t make sense to many shoppers who are looking for a 4G iPad.

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One additional reason that Apple might be changing the name is to make room for different iPad models, like the rumored 8-inch iPad that might come later this year.

Are you planing to buy the new iPad?

The Apple website is struggling to keep up with the demand today, but once the initial interest dies down you can check out all the new iPad features.



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