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Looks Like There is an iOS Daylight Saving Time Bug in Calendar



Apple can sure sell hardware, but it seems to be challenged when it comes to keeping time. It looks like once again there is an iOS Daylight Saving Time bug, albeit a lesser one. As we posted yesterday, when Europe, the Middle East, and other regions switched from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time last week, users reported seeing a bug in the iOS Calendar App. Essentially this bug offsets the Current Time in the Day View by one hour. It appears that Apple is an equal opportunity time shifter and that bug is also the case in the US, which just shifted to Standard Time from Daylight Saving Time overnight. (This is your reminder to switch over any clocks you need to do manually in case you’ve forgotten.)

As you can see from the picture below when I looked at the Day View in Calendar at 7:44am, the Calendar App shows 7:44am between 8am and 9am. In looking through future Reminders, Notifications, and other Calendar appointments, all else seems to be scheduled accordingly on my system. My recurring alarm went off as scheduled. (As you can see I don’t have anything scheduled for today.)

iOS7 Daylight Saving Time Bug

iOS7 Daylight Saving Time Bug

Apple has had time keeping issues before in both 2010 and 2011 with versions of iOS 4. Those issues were eventually corrected as I’m sure this one will, but you’d think this would be something the folks in Cupertino would be paying attention to given past history.


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