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Looks Like the Acer Aspire One is Getting Returned



ThomasinacerthumbWell, my wife has been working with the Acer Aspire One for a week. It looks like it is getting returned. Three issues comprise the reasoning here.

  • She loves the keyboard but hates the mouse buttons that are on either side of the trackpad. “It drives me nuts” is the quote there.
  • She’s not a fan of smudges and this case is a smudge magnet.
  • I think we got a lemon with the network card. This morning she tried to connect but couldn’t. She went to the Network settings icon but could not get any response by clicking on it. After shutting down, pulling the battery, and then trying to hook up with a LAN cable, I’m sure the network card is bad. That’s not really an issue as I’m sure I could simply exchange the device for another one. Thinking it might be a software fault, I thought I would try a system restore. But, unlike the Asus Eee, it appears you need to hook up an optical drive to restore the OS from a disk. The Asus takes a little more than a heartbeat to restore the system from on on board restore. Having to hook up an optical drive isn’t an optimal solution for these devices in my opinion. I may be wrong here, but I can find no way to restore this system except from an optical drive.

Her reaction to the failure of the network card is an interesting one that I think OEMs bringing these devices to market should take to heart. After explaining to her that sometimes things do go wrong and some computers come with faults, especially in the early releases of new devices she said, “That’s ridiculous. If they can’t make it work, what’s the point? I can’t believe you and your geek buddies put up with that kind of thing.” That’s actually a paraphrase as I’ve edited her reaction for family friendly reading.

Ah, well, off to Circuit City we go.


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