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Looks Like There Might Be a New Palm OS After All



We don’t usually cover much about Palm, partly because, well there hasn’t been much news other than the lack of news regarding any advances on the OS. But it looks like there will be a new Palm OS coming. According to a report on MobileBurn. Access, the company that bought up PalmSource, unveiled ALP 3.0, which is slated to be the successor to the Palm OS (aka Garnet).   They also unveiled ALP mini for feature phones. No word on a date for ALP 3.0 yet, but ALP mini is available for manufacturers to load up on devices now.

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  1. Joe

    10/23/2008 at 10:50 pm

    For the record, this has absolutely nothing to do with the company Palm’s upcoming new OS, they’re two separate products.

  2. loyukfai

    10/23/2008 at 11:49 pm

    Yes, it’s not “the” Palm OS.

    It’s difficult to grasp of the whole Palm/PalmOne/PalmSource thing through.

    Mix in the changing hands and renames and rewrites. Oh well… : )


    10/24/2008 at 2:51 pm

    lets see if one can summarize (from memory so there will probably be some bumps).

    palm creates a firmware for their series of pdas.

    third parties licence said firmware.

    palm splits into palmone and palmsource, where the former will make the hardware while the latter makes the firmware.

    palmsource comes up with a replacement for garnet (cobalt), but lacks backwards compatiblity and so never takes of.

    access buys palmsource.

    palmone buys back all the palmos trademarks from access.

    access makes a palmos emulator for linux, and a linuxbased pda/phone firmware.

    palmone, now renamed palm, starts work on its own linux based firmware for future devices under the palm brand.

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