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Lora Heiny Asks: What Are Your Favorite Tablet PC Innovations?



When the First Lady of the First Family of Tablet PCs asks, you better deliver. Lora Heiny has been on a bit of a blogging role these last few days, and as usual she’s prodding and asking questions. But she’s also providing some great insight while she’s asking the questions.

In this post, where she requests that GBM put up a poll to ask the questions, What are your favorite Tablet PC innovoations today and what would you like to see tomorrow?

Not only does she ask the question, she provides some insight into her own favorites and how they fit into her work-flow. In case you don’t know, Lora is not only a great advocate for Tablet PCs, along with the rest of her family, but Lora works at Microsoft so her advocacy is also internal there.

So, take a minute and give us some feedback in the comments here, or in this post in the GBM Forums. The First Lady is listening and waiting for your responses.

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