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LS800 Update – No Vista, Found A Great Use



image Just to keep everybody up to date on the LS800 / Vista clean install quest – it didn’t happen..  I can’t find the power cable for my external USB DVD drive.  And to add to that, I have other things going on this weekend that are keeping me from going to get a tip for my iGo power supply.  I might be able to talk my wife into letting me go later, but we’ll see.  That ceiling fan has to be hung before I do anything.

On the other hand… I did find a great use for the LS800.  It’s perfect for coloring!!  My 3 year old daughter thinks it hers now…  We went to and were playing some of the learning games last night.  After the learning games, I printed some of the animal templates over to Windows Journal.  Let me tell you that it was a great experience!  After about 2 times of showing her how to change colors, she was coloring up a storm (or an elephant and a monkey, but that doesn’t sound just right :) )  I have attached the work of art that was created by my future artist.

After I saw what she was doing, I started writing words like Mom, Dad, dog and cat to let her trace.  They have started doing that in school so I wanted to see what she would do on the Tablet PC.  She loved that she could trace the letters in all the different colors! 

Now I know that all this could be done on any Tablet PC (and we have done similar things on the x61t) but I think the size to her was not as overwhelming.  I think my decision is getting closer… :)  Especially when I can show this activity to my wife to justify the expense!

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