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Luci Portable Light Video Demo: Solar Light For Camping, Emergencies



While many of us take electricity for granted, there are some countries where either electricity does not exist on a widespread level or it is inconsistent. This is definitely a problem and the folks at MPOWERD are trying to solve that with the Luci.


The Luci is an inflatable and water resistant lantern that provides a solution to those who live in underdeveloped countries. The device is fairly small and is also completely eco friendly. Luci uses LEDs, which are both bright and energy efficient. The LEDs in the device put out up to 1200 lumens of bright light. The device is outfitted with solar panels so that it can charge in any environment. When the light is turned on there are three different modes: a regular light, a brighter version of the constant light and also an SOS flash for survival situations.

The device takes 4-6 hours to charge from its solar panels and will last for as long as 6-12 hours, depending on the light setting that the user chooses. Another cool thing about this device is that when it is charged it will keep this charge for up to three months. This is great for keeping the device stored in your car for emergencies or also stored throughout your house for power outages.

Other great uses of this device are for camping trips or other miscellaneous outdoor activities, as they provide a lot of light and are extremely lightweight. In a dark area the Luci will light an area of about a 15 foot circle, which is better than many camping lanterns.

The Luci is available for purchase both on Amazon and also at for $15.95.



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