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Lumia 920 Image Stabilization Takes on Galaxy S3 in New Ad



A new Windows Phone 8 ad shows the strengths of the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 over the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The latest Windows Phone Challenge ad, like another recent ad, demonstrated the features of the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 in an attempt to show what it does better than Samsung’s Galaxy S3. While the last video focused on low-light photos, the new ad focuses on the image stabilization of the Lumia 920’s PureView camera.

In the ad Ben Rudolph challenges a could to take a video of their daughter as she rides the carousel as Rudolph takes a similar video with the Lumia 920. Not only is the carousel moving, but both Rudolph and the little girl’s mother run alongside the ride to get longer videos to make the videos potentially more shaky.

The end result is the same as every Windows Phone Challenge ad: the Windows Phone trounces the competition. The Nokia Lumia 920, thanks to the image stabilisation of the PureView camera, takes a surprisingly smooth video of the ride. The video clearly shows the father and daughter riding with almost no shaking.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, however, doesn’t take a very good video. The video from the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the ad is shaky and all over the place. It’s hard to see anything other than the lights of the carousel on Samsung’s flagship phone from last year.

A recent test showed the Lumia 920’s camera also has better image stabilisation than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Lumia 920 vs Galaxy S3 image stabilisation

The video, however, doesn’t go into any other details about Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 920. The entire ad focuses on the camera with no mention of software features of the phone. The Nokia Lumia 920 also has other great features such as a screen that users can use with gloves on, special “lenses” for the camera and exclusive Lumia apps like Nokia Music.

Recent Android phones like the new HTC One have cameras with some similar features to the Lumia 920, so users who want those special features have more options now.

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1 Comment

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