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Lumia 930 On The Way, Could Arrive Next Month



Microsoft’s just weeks away from its expected formal announcement of Windows Phone 8.1, the upcoming update that will add many of the features the operating system is still missing when compared to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. That Microsoft will announce the new operating system during its BUILD 2014 has been known for some time, however what we haven’t heard about is the Lumia 930 that’s now rumored to be arriving around the same time.

The Lumia 930 goes by the code-name of the Nokia Martini according to Evleaks, a publication that has been right about Nokia’s Windows Phone plans in the past. That’s about the extent to which we know anything about the handset. So far, no pictures or specifications have been leaked about the handset.

The AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 925.

The AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 925.

What’s interesting is the timing in which this leak happened. Just days before Evleaks shared a photo of what is believed to be the Nokia Lumia 630. That device doesn’t match the Windows Phone 8 requirements since it lacks a camera button and the customary Back, Start and Search buttons that Microsoft requires hardware makers embed on their devices.

However, it does match the leaked changes that are a part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update that Microsoft is expected to announce next month. Previous leaks have confirmed that Microsoft will introduce on-screen keyboards as part of the update.

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Simply put, it’s likely that the Lumia 930 is simply an updated flagship that meets the new requirements set by Windows Phone 8.1. It makes sense that Nokia would introduce a new flagship in the Lumia 930 around April or May. The current Nokia flagship on most carriers is the Nokia Lumia 925 or the Nokia Lumia 1020. The Lumia 925 was just a slightly updated version of the flagship device Nokia released in the fall of 2012. That makes now the right time to start gearing up for a new flagship that’s not exclusive to a single carrier like the Lumia Icon.

Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 event kicks off on April 2nd. Again, an announcement of the device next month is pure speculation, but it’d make sense given Nokia’s position.


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