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Lusting for Courier, Remembering Codex



Everyone is justifiably excited by Courier, the new Tablet concept that is all over the Internet. As we, and many others have pointed out this looks like it sprang from the mind of Ken Hinckley of Microsoft Research and his Codex project, featuring two OQO’s bound together by a case.  Ken is famous in Tablet PC land for InkSeine, and as many readers noted back then, InkSeine seemed perfectly suited for this dual screen approach. (Intriguingly Ken’s InkSeine page seems to be down at the moment.) In case you’ve forgotten, here are some links to posts that feature the Codex back in the early days. Well worth reviewing in these crazy days.

The Codex Project: Multiple Tablet PC Displays

The Microsoft Research Codex: Are Dual Screens the Future of Mobile Devices?

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