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MacBook Air 1TB Storage Expansions Now Available



If you’re MacBook Air is running out of space, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. If you’re wanting to go all out, you now buy 1TB solid-state storage upgrades for your older MacBook Air.

Other World Computing has begun offering 960GB SSD storage options for 2010, 2011, and 2012 MacBook Air models.

That much storage comes with a premium price tag, though, at nearly half the cost of what the MacBook Air itself is worth. OWC’s new Aura SSDs, as they’re called, start at $95 for 120GB, $159 for 240GB, $299 for 480GB, and finally a whopping $549 for the 960GB option.

Unfortunately, Apple’s newer MacBook Airs use PCI-e flash storage, which is why these new SSD options from OWC don’t work with 2013 MacBook Airs and newer, but the company says they’re working on options for these newer laptops as well.

Currently, Apple only offers up to 512GB of flash storage for its MacBook Air, which is definitely a lot of storage for such a portable device, but with storage needs continuing to grow year and year, a 1TB option is becoming more and more of a good idea.


In any case, these new 1TB storage options are great for those who are still relying on their older MacBook Airs for their daily needs, and while the MacBook Air has improved over the last couple of years, the older models are still humming along, even if they’re sporting older hardware on the inside.

However, the itch to upgrade is real, and with rumors of a 12-itch MacBook Air that could possibly release next year, that could be a great time for older MacBook Air users to upgrade.

While Apple has already slightly updated its MacBook Air for this year, rumors are still coming in as far as a new MacBook model that we could see in the near future.

We don’t really know much about the rumored MacBook that we’ve been hearing about all year, but we do know what it might be all about according to a handful of rumors.

This new MacBook will supposedly support a 12-inch display that will sit between the 11-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (and MacBook Air). However, it will come with a Retina display just like the newer MacBook Pros do, giving it a higher resolution and a crisper image.


Furthermore, alongside the new Type-C USB connector, the new MacBook 12-inch will supposedly get rid of the MagSafe charging feature in favor of another option, which is still yet to be decided on at this point.

The switch to the new USB Type-C standard could mostly be because of the thinner design, although it’s also killing two birds with one stone because Apple will now be able to use the latest and greatest USB standard. Furthermore, the new USB port could also come with DisplayPort functionality, allowing users to plug in displays through the USB port. This could cut down on the amount of ports needed on the new laptop, but this is still very much a rumor and isn’t close to even being confirmed yet.

The MacBook is also expected to come with a fanless design and will instead use more heatsinks. Apple is said to be using Intel’s new Broadwell processors with this new MacBook Air, which are designed to be able to produce low heat at high performance without the need for a massive heatsink. This would allow Apple to get rid of the fans and go for a thinner design.

Whatever kind of new MacBook we could see next year, it will certainly tempt older MacBook Air owners to upgrade to the newer models.

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1 Comment

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