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MacBook Air 2013 Sleep Crash Fix on the Way



Apple is set to release an update for 11- and 13-inch 2013 MacBook Airs that fixes an issue where the laptops would crash upon waking it from sleep mode, according to MacRumors. An Apple Authorized Service Provider says that the issue is with the sensor that detects when the lid is opened or closed.

Apparently, there’s a software bug that causes some MacBook Airs to crash whenever opening the lid from sleep, and the only way to temporarily fix it is with a hard reboot. Some users were able to successfully replicate the bug by hitting the power button and then immediately clicking on the keyboard or trackpad, which would freeze up the machine and require a hard reboot in order to fix.

MacBook Air

Previously, it was unknown whether it was a hardware issue or a software issue, but it seems that it’s a software issue, and a simple software fix will patch it right up, luckily. The issue doesn’t appear on all MacBook Airs, though, and only a couple of us on the Gotta Be Mobile team have experienced the issue.

An Apple Support representative says that the fix will most likely be included in the next OS X Mavericks update, which will be 10.9.2. Multiple betas have already been distributed, so the final release to the public is likely right around the corner.

Until the update releases, however, users are stuck with the annoyance of restarting their MacBook Airs whenever they come across the issue. The latest MacBook Pros with Retina display also saw issues shortly after launching, with random keyboard and trackpad freezing that could only be fixed by closing the lid, putting it to sleep and waking it up. It was a minor annoyance, but enough to cause enough ruckus that Apple released a patch for it in no time.

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