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MacBook Sale Offers $150 Off Entry-Level Models at Best Buy



We don’t normally see MacBook sales as often as we’ve been seeing iPad sales, but this latest deal from Best Buy has entry-level MacBooks for $150 off.

You can grab the latest refresh of the 13-inch MacBook Air for just $849, and it comes with an Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 1.4GHz with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage. Normally, this would cost you $999 any other day.

As for the MacBook Pro that Best Buy has on sale, it’s the non-Retina 2012 13-inch model that comes with a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive for $949. It’s certainly a good deal, as it’s hard to find a MacBook Pro for under $1,000 these days, but if you’re just looking for something to get the job done, you can save a lot of money by opting for either one of these models.

This deal lasts until Monday and it’s a part of Best Buy’s “early kickoff sale” to mark the beginning of holiday shopping, although, we’re still two months away from Christmas day.


The sale also includes a 55-inch Panasonic HDTV for $599 and an LG G3 for $79 after signing a two-year contract.

You can also grab a 32-inch Panasonic HDTV for just $189, as well as a 46-inch RCA and a 60-inch Panasonic for $319 and $779, respectively.

Of course, we’ll probably see way more deals come Black Friday, as well as better deals overall, but this is certainly a good start, especially considering that we don’t see a lot of Mac computers go on sale during Black Friday. iPad sales are no doubt going to be a hit come next month, and we’ve already seen a ton of iPad Air deals throughout the year.

The MacBook Air deal from Best Buy is rather good, seeing as how it also benefits from the price cut that Apple gave it earlier this year. The company updated the MacBook Air line back in April, adding better processors and battery life while also cutting down the price by $100 across the board, with the 11-inch MacBook Air down to $899, while the 13-inch MacBook Air now starts at $999. However, with this Best Buy deal, you can grab a 13-inch model for less than what the 11-inch MacBook Air normally costs, so if you got the cash and have been wanting a MacBook Air, this is a really good price.


Plus, considering it’s the latest model, you’ll be futureproof for at least a few years. Of course, rumors have been flying around about a 12-inch MacBook Air recently, but we’ve yet to see anything official at this point.

It’s said that Apple is still planning to release a 12-inch MacBook Air with a Retina display at some point next year, and it will include a handful of new features, including the new USB Type-C standard, a different kind of charger (other than MagSafe), and a thinner design that allegedly won’t include any fans.

Apple is hoping to use Intel’s new Broadwell processors with this new MacBook Air, which are designed to be able to produce low heat at high performance without the need for a massive heatsink. This would allow Apple to get rid of the fans and go for a thinner design.

The MacBook Air has been one of Apple’s most popular Mac products, coming with a thin and lightweight design that is loved by users of all kinds, especially frequent travelers and commuters who need the portability. Plus, it’s gotten faster every year with new processors, and it’s currently at its cheapest starting price ever at $899, but we can expect that to go down over the next few years as components get cheaper and competition gets more fierce.

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