MacWorld: iOS 4.2 Supposedly Coming Today at 10am PST

Xavier might not be upgrading his iPad when iOS 4.2 is released but I will. And the latest rumor/word/speculation/prediction/guess is that Apple will release it today around 10am PST. That comes via MacWorld.

Why will I be doing this so quickly? There’s certainly logic in waiting given the delays we’ve already seen. The biggest reason isn’t Apple’s version of multi-tasking. It’s Folders. I’ve got quite a few Apps on my iPad. Many I use daily. Some I use infrequently, but when I need them they are there. (I don’t have as many as Robert Scoble but my views are mostly similar to his.) Folders on the iPhone have helped me be more productive with that device and I’ve been waiting for this organizational tool on the iPad, well, since the latest version hit the iPhone earlier this year. I admit it. I’m a Folder kind of organizing guy. I like things in a certain place. Call me old fashioned by my brain works this way.

UPDATE: It’s no longer a rumor/word/speculation/prediction/guess. iOS4.2 will be rolling out today.

UPDATE 2: It’s out and available.