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Macworld: MacBook Air



MacBook Air Steve quoted it as the world’s thinnest notebook. Their target competition was the Sony TZ:  3 lbs, .8-1.2 inches, 11 or 12" display, miniature keyboard, and slower processor.

MacRumorsLive: MacBook Air is 0.16" to 0.76". The thickest part of the MacBook Air is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony. It fits inside a manilla envelope. 13.3" widescreen, LED. Multi-touch trackpad,  Move a window by double-tap and move. Rotate a photo by pivoting your index finger around your thumb. Of course, pinch-zoom. 80 gb standard, 64 gb ssd standard. 1.6 ghz std, 1.8 option. Core 2 duo. Intel shrunk processor by 60%. No optical drive, superdrive accessory available. 5 hour battery, 2 gb ram std. $1799, available to order today, shipping in two weeks. Kudos to MacRumorsLive for seamless up-to-date coverage – great job, guys.

Update: Engadget is reporting that the battery is NOT user replaceable – not good at all, especially for those of us who frequently carry multiple batteries, not to mention when those batteries do go bad. Bad move.

Update 2: Our good friend Xavier Lanier from is doing some hands on and has video. He also offers up this bit of commentary:

I like how thin the computer is, but there are a lot of trade offs to make.
Steve Jobs kept comparing it to the Sony VAIO TZ series, but that computer
is whole different animal and has its own advantages.




MacBook Air

Below photos courtesy of MacRumorsLive:



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