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Mad Catz Lynx 9 is A Dream Controller



Today, every gamer has multiple controllers for their console, PC, and Android tablet. The Mad Catz is hoping to change that with the Mad Catz Lynx 9 wireless game controller. Not only is it a precision wireless controller for just about any device, it complexly comes apart so that users can reorient every button, every joystick comfortable around the device they prefer.

Mad Catz announced the Mad Catz Lynx 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company will have a finished version ready for users to purchase from its online store in March.

mad catz lynx 9

The wireless controller comes with everything users need to get going in their favorite games on iPad, a Windows PC or a Samsung Galaxy S5. A directional pad and left thumb stick sit on the left face of the controller. A second thumb stick and four simple buttons sit on the right face. Triggers and bumpers are on the top edge of the Mad Catz Lynx 9 just like they would be on a first-party controller for the Xbox or PlayStation consoles. To be clear, the Mad Catz Lynx 9 isn’t compatible with video game consoles.

There are always new wireless game controllers coming to deliver mobile and tablet gamers from the pain of using on-screen controllers. The Mad Catz Lynx 9 is worth noting because it removes all the pain points. PC and mobile gamers can use the controller on both of their devices. Again, breaking down the controllers skeleton allows users to outfit their device with the control scheme they need. Built-into the controller is a microphone. Included in the box is all the extras users need to get going. Cables for outputting video from a device to television set are included. Also included is an adjustable bracket that’s great for smartphones and tablets. There’s even a keyboard that fits in the center of the device.

The Mad Catz Lynx 9 could be the world’s best controller. At the very least, it’s well-outfitted. The problem with advanced gaming devices like this is always price and the Mad Catz Lynx 9 isn’t an exception. The Mad Catz Lynx 9 will cost a whopping $299.99 when it arrives.

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