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Mad Catz’s Strike Mobile Keyboard Is Only For Real Players



Mad Catz, makers of a large assortment of game related hardware, have never been shy about who their products are meant for. The company’s mice, keyboards and accessories are for serious gamers. Like the products that preceded it, the Mad Catz Strike Mobile Keyboard is completely made for gamers, albeit with a more mobile twist.

Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas, the Mad Catz Strike Mobile Keyboard manages to almost perfectly blend what gamers need from their keyboard and the space constraints the come along with staying light and agile.

The Mad Catz Strike Mobile Keyboard

The Mad Catz Strike Mobile Keyboard

Each Strike Mobile Keyboard includes a standard set of keys that have all been engineered to give them depth. Adding to the keyboard’s aggressive look are angled keys on the left and right side. The company’s also added quick access music playback controls and a small set of keys that can be programmed with a set of game specific commands. The keyboard does support multiple profiles, so users won’t need to reprogram the keyboard fully for every game.

The Strike Mobile Keyboard isn’t just for laptops and tablets either. The keyboard connects using Bluetooth. Users can actually  pair the device with any Bluetooth and NFC-equipped device by simply tapping and giving the software and Bluetooth pairing utility time to work its magic. That Bluetooth technology also makes it compatible with every smartphone, tablet or PC that supports Bluetooth keyboards.

Bluetooth support is key since many smartphone and tablet gamers don’t want USB cables and wiring in their bag.

The Mad Catz Strike Mobile Keyboard will include a carry case and a stand for a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, Mad Catz isn’t discussing pricing and availability just yet.

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