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Madden 15: 5 Reasons to Buy on Xbox One or PS4



The Madden 15 release date arrives this week and you’ll be heading out to buy the new Madden game on Xbox or Playstation. There are an overwhelming number of reasons to buy the Xbox One or PS4 Madden 15 release instead of buying Madden 15 for Xbox 360 or PS3.

In this fast look we’ll share the most important reasons you should make sure you buy Madden 15 for Xbox One or PS4 instead of for the older console.

There is no price difference to buy the PS4 or Xbox One Madden 15 game, but you will of course need one of the new consoles to make this happen.

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If you plan to upgrade to an Xbox One or a PS4 this year, now is the time to do it. A huge list of great games are coming this year and you’ll get the best experience on a new console that offers more power to developers. This is not just about pretty graphics, but also about smarter players and more realism in games thanks to upgrades specs.

See what you'll miss if you don't buy Madden 15 on the Xbox One or PS4.

See what you’ll miss if you don’t buy Madden 15 on the Xbox One or PS4.

There is an Xbox One Madden 15 bundle that includes a new $399 Xbox One without a Kinect and a digital Madden 15 release day copy free. There is no similar Madden 15 PS4 bundle, but there are still plenty of reasons you need to buy the new Madden on PS4 or Xbox One.

Xbox One & PS4 Madden 15 vs Xbox 360 and PS3

Here are a look at five of the most important reasons you will want to make sure you are on a new console for Madden 15. It’s not part of the five, but the fact that FIFA 15, NHL 15 and the rest of EA’s fall lineup — not to mention the best Xbox One games of 2014 are all going to deliver more realism thanks to the increased power that developers can leverage.

The Madden 15 release is not equal. Learn what the difference is between the Xbox One & PS4 Madden 15 vs PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Madden 15 release is not equal. Learn what the difference is between the Xbox One & PS4 Madden 15 vs PS3 and Xbox 360.

Smarter Defense

In the PS4 and Xbox One Madden 15 release you’ll enjoy a smarter defense that means better plays from the rest of the team and less yelling about a computer controlled players messing up. According to GameInformer EA enhanced the defense on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but not to the same level.

Some of the Defensive enhancements in Madden 15 include better coverage in Zone and Man coverage including faster reactions to throws. There are also changes to separation in Man coverage and other enhancements. After playing Madden 15 for hours this weekend the new Defense is a great asset.

SuperCharged Playcalling

With the Xbox One and PS4 Madden 15 game you get a new playcalling menu that makes it easier to pick great plays. If you have trouble putting together the perfect offense or mounting the right defense on 3rd and long you’ll love this new feature that you won’t get on the PS3 or Xbox 360.

When you are picking a call you can see your last play, the best suggestion, community suggestions for your current down and yardage and other data driven play calling details that make it easier to pick the best play. Combined with the new Skills Trainer that teaches you to identify coverage and weakness and you’ll be winning in no time.

As you watch the Madden 15 gameplay video above you’ll see parts of the new playcalling in Madden 15 and when the player zooms out you get a look at the matchup indicator. There are no community playcalling features or matchup indicators on older consoles.

You also get a new pre-snap matchup indicator that allows you to see which players have an advantage over the other team. This is an awesome way to identify a key target ahead of the snap and it saved out team on 3rd and long many times while playing the Madden 15 trial.

Defense Camera

When you play the Xbox 360 or PS3 Madden 15 you don’t get all the cool new features, including Defense Camera Lock. This new mode lets you lock the camera on to a single defensive player for the down.

This is a cool way to play even though it’s not something we use on every play, diehard defensive players will love this feature. Watch the video above to see how this works in a game.

A sack is way more satisfying in Madden 15 when you use this new Defensive Camera Lock.


CoachGlass for Madden 15 is a companion app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices that let you see a coaches playbook of recent plays, in-game stats and you can call use this information to help pick plays on defense and offense.

The video above shows off the new CoachGlass Madden 15 features in action. This is something that not everyone needs, but if you are still trying to become unbeatable, this is an essential tool. There is no Madden 15 CoachGlass for Xbox 360 or PS3.

Defensive Line Jump

The new defensive line jump is one of the best parts of playing defense. If you time it right you can pull the right trigger to get a jump on the line and combine it with a power or finesse move to penetrate and take out the QB or the runner.

With this feature defense in Madden 15 is much more fun and you’ll also need to pay more attention to the rest of the players to know when the press the button. If you press it to early you’ll jump offside, which adds even more realism to the game.

There are other changes that won’t make it into the Xbox 360 and PS3 Madden 15 release, but these are the major ones. You also don’t get the new kicking design, the enhanced graphics and the same pre-game and halftime in-game presentation.



  1. Brennan Sullivan

    08/25/2014 at 11:33 am

    Sign Petition below to get OTP back in Madden 15.

  2. Thomas

    08/26/2014 at 7:13 am

    Pre snap jump, defensive camera, and matchup indicator are all features used in past NCAA football games. These features are new to madden but anyone who has played the old ncaa games has seen them before. It’s time ea sports passes the torch to a company that will innovate and improve the game.

  3. Justin chow

    08/30/2014 at 1:44 am

    do i get a ps3 a ps4 or a xbox 360

  4. Michael Gabriel

    02/03/2015 at 12:33 pm

    Madden NFL never Should have been on ps 4 anyways dangerous hunts Should be there instead of football games.Hunting games are better.

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