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Madden 15: 7 Things You Need to Try Right Now



Now that the Madden 15 release date is here there are seven things you need to try in the new Madden as soon as you get home and get it installed.

Before you go online to challenge a friend or stranger you can get a grip on the best new Madden 15 features that will help you be a better player when in Madden 15 without spending money on strategy guides.

The Madden 15 release date arrived just after midnight today when many hardcore fans went out to pick up their copy of Madden 15, but if you plan to buy Madden 15 on your way home from work or school you won’t be that far behind with these seven things to try.

Madden 15 is $60 for the standard edition and $70 for the Madden 15 Ultimate edition that is a must buy for users that cannot get enough of Madden Ultimate Team mode.

You can play locally against friends or the computer or go online with Xbox Live and PSN to play head-to-head with anyone in the world. Madden 15 is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. There is no Madden 15 PC or Wii U release planned.

Here are seven things you need to try in Madden 15 as soon as you put the disc in. if you are still deciding, check out our early Madden 15 review.

Madden 15 Skills Trainer

In Madden 15 the Skills Trainer is updated with many new drills that will make you a better player. Advance through the basics quickly to learn new features like power moves and the improved tackling.

Next you’ll head to the advanced drills that teach you how to play the game better. These are not just using new Madden 15 features, but how to read the defense and adjust your play to beat their current formation. This is an amazing addition that is sure to help me beat people I play.


After you learn some of the skills, you can take on the Gauntlet where those skills will be tested in a variety of fun and varied challenges. The Gauntlet is an arcade like addition to Madden 15 where you must go as far as you can with a limited number of lives.

After you learn the skills, this is where you can practice offense, defense and special teams across a series of ever-changing drills.

Defensive Camera, Finesse and Power

The defense in Madden 15 is awesome, and more fun than ever to play thanks to upgrades for the new Madden game.

Lock on to a defensive player and pop off the line to make a big play.

Lock on to a defensive player and pop off the line to make a big play.

Start out using the right trigger to jump off the line, and then use a finesse move or power move to get past the offensive line to take out the QB or RB for a loss of yards. Just make sure you time it right or you’ll get a penalty or stand there flat-footed.

You can also use Defensive Camera Lock to play defense from a new camera angle where you control one player. You can pick any player you want and then control them from a over the shoulder perspective. This is not something we use every play, but it is way more satisfying to pull off a sack in this mode.

Madden 15 CoachGlass

If you own a smartphone, tablet or Windows 8 computer you need to try CoachGlass. This is a free companion app that is available on PS4 and Xbox One. You can use this to pick the best play on offense and defense using data from the game and community suggestions.

For gamers that typically call the same five plays all game or rely on coach picks this is a good way to start discovering new plays and to make the right pick based on the down and yardage needed.

New Madden Plays and Formations

In Madden 15 there are now Concept Plays and new formations that you should try. You can access the Concept Plays on the main playcalling screen and you can find new Madden 15 formations like  Pistol Bunch TE and many others.

Madden Ultimate Team

In Madden 15 the new Madden Ultimate Team takes the major problems out of playing Madden Ultimate Team, simplifying team management and helping users get the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team easier.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team mode is much better.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team mode is much better.

Make sure you redeem any Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs that came with your pre-order or with the special edition to get start.

Connected Franchise

Another Madden 15 mode you need to try is Connected Franchise. EA promises big changes to this mode that hardcore fans will love. You’ll now see Game Prep and Confidence information that replaces practice and hot/cold streaks. Player confidence is a big part of winning.

During game prep you can focus on confidence or earning XP, depending on what you need to win that week. You can check out the rest of the Madden 15 Connected Franchise updates on EA.



  1. Jordan McZero

    08/27/2014 at 6:43 am

    More than 20 reason that Xbox One is better than PS4:

  2. Dabte

    08/29/2014 at 4:41 pm

    Jordan that is all bs, xbox is weaker and it has been proved stfu an get a life

    • Hunter

      03/30/2016 at 9:35 am

      You are telling him to get a life but you’re the one looking up fun things to do in a video game…

  3. Chris

    10/06/2014 at 8:21 pm

    How do you fire your coach and hire a new coach in owner mode?

  4. andrew

    10/31/2014 at 12:12 am

    How do you play with a friend against a cpu?

  5. Dylan

    02/15/2016 at 8:48 am

    How do you get only offence on skills trainer

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