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Madden 15 Achievements List Reveals 5 Interesting Details



Madden 15 includes a lot of cool new features and upgrades to deliver a challenging and exciting experience to gamers this fall and the leaked Madden 15 achievement list reveals a few more cool new features that gamers will get.

In addition to showing us more of Madden, the Madden 15 achievement list shows the rewards that gamers can earn for completing various challenges on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The full list of 38 Madden 15 achievements add up to 1,000 points and they show a few things EA Sports wants to make sure you try in the new Madden game.

Check out the new Madden 15 Achievements list to see some cool new details.

Check out the new Madden 15 Achievements list to see some cool new details.

You don’t need to wait for the official Madden 15 release date to play on the Xbox One. If you are an EA Access subscriber you can play Madden 15 five days early, but only for six hours of total gameplay.

Here’s a look at what the Madden 15 achievements you can start earning later this week, or on the official Madden 15 release date.

We’ll start with five things the Madden 15 achievements tell us about the upcoming game.

Sponsored Madden 15 Achievements

Madden brings back sponsored achievements for the Madden 15 release with Snickers and Verizon. We saw Verizon in Madden 25 and this year you get a Snickers Achievement.

  • Verizon Offensive MVP – 30 Points – Score 55+ Points in a game.
  • Snickers Satisfying Comeback – 30 – Comeback and win when trailing by 17+ points.

Snickers appeared in Madden 25, but not as an achievement.

All-22 Coach View in Madden 15

When coaches watch game film in the NFL they get a bird’s eye view of all 22 players that is shot at an angle. This lets them see all 22 players on the field and observe how the play comes together, or fails.

The Bird’s Eye View Achievement offers 10 points for gamers that switch to the new All-22 gameplay camera. You can see a little bit of how this can look at the start of the Madden 15 gameplay video below.

Skills Trainer is Still Huge in Madden 15

In Madden 15 we get a new Gauntlet mode shown in the video above, which will help players learn new skills, but you’ll earn a lot of Madden 15 achievements by going into the Madden 15 Skills Trainer.

  • Going for Gold – 50 – Earn a gold from a drill in Skills Trainer.
  • Offense 101 -25 – Earn at least a bronze in a Basic Offensive drill in Skill Trainer.
  • Getting Defensive – 30 – Earn at least a bronze in all Basic Defensive drill in Skill Trainer.
  • Read Your Keys – 30 – Earn at least one bronze in all Football Concept drills.
  • Ahead of the Curve – 30 – Earn at least a bronze in all Advanced Offensive inside Skills Trainer
  • Checkmate – 30 – Earn at least a bronze in all Strategy Drills inside Skills Trainer.

It’s not surprising to see a huge focus on skills trainer, but we’re excited to look at the new options like Football Concept.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team Achievements

There are 12 Madden 15 Ultimate Team achievements to earn this year. All of this lines up with the new special Madden 15 Ultimate edition and a completely revamped Madden Ultimate Team for this year. Check out these MAdden 15 Ultimate Team Achievements below.

  • Take a Week Off – 20 – Earn a first round bye in Ultimate Team Seasons.
  • Seasoned Veteran – 10 – Win a MUT Seasons game.
  • Seasons Postseason – 15 – Make the playoffs in Ultimate Team Seasons.
  • The Bright Lights – 35 – Make it to MUT Seasons Super Bowl.
  • Accomplished – 20 – Complete a MUT Set.
  • You Have Your Own Style – 25 – Make a MUT team with style of 20.
  • Making it Work for You – 35- Make a MUT Team with style of 50.
  • Double Trouble – 50 – Make a MUT team with two team style of 60.
  • Master Negotiator – 15 – Win a MUT auction.
  • Makin’ a Livin’ – 20 – Win a MUT solo game.
  • This Team is Going Places – 50 – Build a 80 rated Team in MUT.
  • Easy Peasy – 5 – Create a MUT team.

If you want to see more about the Madden 15 Ultimate Team changes, and what it’s going to look like watch this great Madden 15 video below that walks through the new Madden Ultimate Team mode for Madden 15.

EA Still Wants Madden Share to Happen

The rest of the Madden 15 achievements are available from Xbox Achievements and it includes a lot of Legacy awards and EA Sports still trying to make Madden Share happen.

Three Madden Share tasks are part of the Madden 15 Achievements including posting, downloading and rating content for a total of 30 points. These are easy points, but it’s not exactly an exciting part of Madden 15.

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