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Madden 15 Ratings Showcase Best & Worst Teams



The Madden release is 20 days away and a we now know the Madden 15 ratings for all the NFL teams and the top players on each team. If you want to know the best Madden 15 teams and best Madden 15 players you need to keep reading to find out who you should pick up for your Ultimate Team and which team top pick to annihilate your friends.

EA continues to share new Madden 15 ratings in the run up to the Madden release and we know all the Madden 15 ratings for teams and the best Madden 15 players on each team. EA also provides a small write-up about the ratings that will help you understand what’s going on.

There is no official breakdown as to why your team’s Madden 15 ratings are high or low, but with a little background on the top players and other details you’ll at least understand part of the Madden 15 ratings process.

Thanks to new Madden 15 ratings we know the best Madden 15 teams, and the worst Madden 15 teams.

Thanks to new Madden 15 ratings we know the best Madden 15 teams, and the worst Madden 15 teams.

We’ve already shared the AFC and NFC South & North divisions, and now we know the top teams in the AFC and NFC East and West, which gives us a full look at the best Madden 15 teams.

You should get a chance to play some of these teams with a Madden 15 demo release possible in a week, although there is still no confirmation from EA Sports. If not there should still be a way to play Madden 15 early with EA Access.

Best Madden 15 Teams

For users that want to see the best Madden 15 teams based on their Madden ratings, the list below shows which team earns top spot. Perhaps they gain an extra boost due to a star player appearing on the Madden 15 cover.

TeamMadden 15 Ratings
Seattle Seahawks91
San Francisco 49ers90
Denver Broncos90
New England Patriots88
Green Bay Packers88
New Orleans Saints86
Cincinnati Bengals86
Philadelphia Eagles85
Chicago Bears84
Carolina Panthers84
Baltimore Ravens84
San Diego Chargers83
Indianapolis Colts83
Kansas City Chiefs82
Dallas Cowboys81
Detroit Lions80
Arizona Cardinals80
Miami Dolphins79
Atlanta Falcons79
Pittsburgh Steelers78
New york Jets78
Tampa Bay Buccaneers77
St. Louis Rams77
NY Giants76
Minnesota Vikings76
Houston Texans76
Washington Redskins75
Cleveland Browns75
Buffalo Bills75
Tennessee Titans74
Jacksonville Jaguars73
Oakland Raiders72

The Seattle Seahawks are the best Madden 15 team, beating the San Francisco 49ers by a slim margin. The Oakland Raiders are the worst Madden 15 team you can choose to play with this year. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a close second, if that’s any consolation.

Madden 15 Ratings East & West

Here’s a look at the Madden 15 Ratings for the AFC East, NFC East, AFC West and NFC West. Each of these Madden 15 ratings include the top Madden 15 players on each team.

  • Denver Broncos – 90
  • San Diego Chargers – 83
  • Kansas City Chiefs – 82
  • Oakland Raiders – 72
  • Seattle Seahawks – 91
  • San Francisco 49ers – 90
  • Arizona Cardinals – 80
  • St. Louis Rams – 77
  • New England Patriots – 88
  • Miami Dolphins – 79
  • New york Jets – 78
  • Buffalo Bills – 75
  • Philadelphia Eagles – 85
  • Dallas Cowboys – 81
  • NY Giants – 76
  • Washington Redskins – 75

With the addition of these new Madden 15 ratings the Green Bay Packers are no longer at the top of the pile. Each of these Madden 15 ratings include the top players on that team. You can check out the gallery below to the see the best Madden 15 ratings on each of these teams.

Gamers can also check out a variety of Madden 15 ratings by position to see the best Madden 15 players, which is essential in panning out a Madden Ultimate team.

The Madden release is scheduled for August 26th and there are some Midnight Madden 15 release events planned already. The video below outlines the enhancements to Madden 15 that PS4 and Xbox One gamers will see soon.

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1 Comment

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