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Madden 15 Release Brings Big Deal on Strategy Guide



The Madden 15 release includes a hot deal on the Madden 15 strategy guide that includes what you need to know to be a better Madden 15 player.

With the print version of the Madden 15 strategy guide you also get free Madden Ultimate Team packs, a bonus eGuide with video that you can watch and use on your smartphone or tablet while playing Madden 15 and you’ll also learn the Madden 15 tips and tricks you need to win.

This is a cheap version of the Madden 15 strategy guide, but you can spend up to $90 for a special Madden 15 Winner’s kit that includes more detailed guides and videos.

The Madden 15 strategy guide includes $9 in MUT packs and costs less than $9.

The Madden 15 strategy guide includes $9 in MUT packs and costs less than $9.

You can order the Madden 15 strategy guide from Prima with guidance from Zach “ZFARLS” Farley and Steve “SGIBS” Gibbons who spent months playing the new Madden ahead of the Madden 15 release so that they can deliver the winning offensive and defensive strategies.

Right now the Madden 15 strategy guide is less than $9 on Amazon and it includes $9 in Madden Ultimate Team packs, which means you are basically getting the strategy guide free if you plan to spend any money on Madden Ultimate Team packs in the full game.

With the Madden 15 guide you also unlock a situational callsheet for all the 32 NFL teams to help you pick the right plays and you unlock bonus eGuide content.

The digital Madden 15 guide includes video tutorials that teach football basics, introduce you to the finer points of Madden NFL 15 and show you their favorite plays in the game. All of this is available on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

You’ll also learn the best Madden Ultimate Team strategies so you can win more games and build a better Madden 15 Ultimate Team faster. The new Ultimate Team mode is revamped and much more user-friendly, but if you are switching from a high ranked team to a new one in Madden 15 you’ll want all the help you can get. The video below highlights some of the interesting information that they offer, including what rookie you unlock in MUT mode depending on the special skill you choose for your team.

In addition to this information you can get the key information for your favorite team. You’ll learn the best plays for your favorite team, play call diagrams, scouting reports Connected Franchise Mode data along with key players, depth charts and more.

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If you don’t want to pay for Madden 15 tips and tricks in this strategy guide you can access many of the videos you need right from EA. On the Madden 15 tips and tricks page you can click-through to watch tons of free Madden 15 tips videos that outline the basics of being a better Madden 15 player. This may not deliver the same value as the $90 Madden 15 Winner’s Kit, but it is a great start and it is free.


Check out how to stop the run in Madden 15 below to see an example of what you get. These guides work on PS4 or Xbox One, and when the features are on the older consoles they will work there as well. Keep in mind many of ht ebest Madden 15 features are not on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

There are also many other guides like how to win with Johnny Manziel shown below. This runs through this rookie’s strengths, weaknesses and favorite plays to use Manziel to his full potential.

Other Madden 15 tips include how to do user celebrations when you break away and are in the open field. This is how you can rub in a breakaway. Watch out because you’ll fumble it if you get hit.

EA offers a wide variety of other offense, defense and Gauntlet Madden 15 tips and tricks to help you become a better player without spending any more money.

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